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Little Princess
(Girl to Dog TF)

“Happy birthday! Love, Allen.” Olivia read from the note attached to the wrapped box on her doorstep. She picked the box up and brought it up to her room.
“I knew you wouldn’t forget my fifteenth birthday Allen.” She said with a smile as she unwrapped the box and opened it to reveal a small silver necklace with a pendant shaped like a dog bone that read “princess”. Engraved on the back were the initials “OG+AN” standing for Olivia Grace and Allan Nickels.
“This is so cute.” Olivia said holding the necklace in her hand. “I have to try it on.” She said. She walked over to her full body mirror and latched the necklace on her neck. It looked perfect against her slightly tanned skin and shined when the sun hit the pendant. “This is beautiful! I have to call Allan and thank him.” She said turning to her dresser to grab her cell pone. Wile typing her boyfriend’s cell phone number, Olivia felt the bottom of her spinal cord becoming very uncomfortable under her skirt. Stalling on the phone number, Olivia pulled her skirt down just enough to see a small bump pushing the top of her underwear. She jumped in shock at the sight dropping her cell phone on the ground.
“W…What is that.” She said noticing that when she poked it, it felt like part of her body. The lump then ripped Olivia’s panties off as it grew three feet before her eyes.
“A tail! Is that a tail?!” she said in fear. Olivia then felt her feet becoming tighter against her blue socks. Removing them, she screamed to see that her normal size eight feet had shrank and morphed into back animal paws. With a slight ticklish feeling, short brown hair similar to her own began to grow on her new feet and all over her smoothly shaved legs.
M…Mom! Dad! Help!” she screamed, yet when she had no answer, she remembered that both her parents were out at work. As the hair reached her waistline, Olivia looked down at the necklace she received from Allan and realized that it was glowing a dim green color.
“It’s the necklace…The necklace is doing this to me!” she yelled as she gripped the silver chain and tugged in attempt to rip it off, but it felt as if the hinge that held it on was welded shut. Olivia heard a loud crack from her spine that caused her to crack down on all fours. Looking back, she saw that her entire lower body was no longer hers. In fact, it looked a lot like the back of a small canine.
“Oh my god I’m turning into a dog!!” Olivia said as the fur trailed up her spine and up to the back of her neck. A strong uncomfortable feeling in her torso forced her to push off her uniform top and bra. There she was able to catch a glimpse of her normal human chest before it was covered in fur and began to bend and break to fit her lower half.
“This…is…a dream. That’s it! It’s all a bad dream. Humans can’t turn into animals! Its physically impossible!!!” she said trying to calm her self down, but looking back at her ever-changing body, she broke out in a sorrowful cry.
“Why…Why would Allen do this to me!?” she cried as her arms were flooded in fur.
“Allen didn’t do this to you. I did.” Said a female voice from the doorway. Olivia turned to see the familiar face of Alexis Zelter.
“A…Alexis! W…Why! What did I do to you?” Olivia yelled as her hands when numb and morphed into paws.
“YOU stole the heart of my beloved Allen!” Alexis snapped. Olivia began to panic as she noticed her transformation was near complete with only her head left.
“But…he didn’t like you! He likes me!” Olivia said as her ears grew into points and moved to the top of her head.
“We’ll see how much he likes you in a few minutes.” Alexis said coldly.
“Please Alexis! I’ll break up with him…just please make this stop.” Olivia pleaded as her nose turned rougher and wet.
“Sorry Olivia. I need you completely out of the way to get me Allen back.” Alexis said with a smile.
“Y…you…bitch! You’ll…n…never…get…arrrway….wrrrrith….thrrrrrrissss!!!!” She screamed as her face pushed out into a canine muzzle, impairing her ability to form words and sentences. Olivia looked back into the full body mirror to see a small brown dog retuning her stare. Shocked and unknowledgeable on how to move in her new body, she collapsed on the floor and sobbed.
“Funny, because from here, YOU’RE the one who looks like a bitch.” Alexis taunted. “But don’t worry Princess; I have some cousins out in the country who would love to have a new dog running around the house. Olivia continued to cry. She couldn’t believe what had happened. Yesterday she was hanging on her boyfriends am and hanging out with her friends, and today she was transformed into a dog and going to be sent miles away to live the rest of her life as a common pet. Alexis removed the necklace from Olivia’s neck and gave her a proper collar. Then she latched a leash on her and led her out of the house. Olivia followed obediently in fear of being tortured even more.

Olivia was sold to Alexis’ cousins and taken five states away in New Jersey. There she spent the remainder of her dog life as a simple pet. Olivia’s parents never did find out what happened to her and Alexis was able to regain her relationship with Allen many months later
Originally story by ~Oblivion1134

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